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TheHistory Traditional Greek Tavern

The History of Greek Taverns until today

A creative evolution of the traditional food concept transformed to the “New Age Tavern”
From the Byzantium to Minor Asia and travelling through the ages “tavern”, the greek traditional food concept is evolving in a creative way in Mykonos
The Grill House Mykonos will combine the Greek food tradition in a spectacular modern revolution of flavors and tastes.
We transformed the decoration and the recipes of the traditional Greek Tavern to a brand new modern touch.
At the hottest destination of Greece, Mykonos, you will find an inspiring taste refuge where you will discover the atmosphere of the original food culture in Greece

The Greek traditional tavern has a history that lasts over 2,500 years. Starting from the pothouses of ancient Greece and passing through Byzantium’s kitchens, the Ottoman “lokantes” and the rebetika watering spots of the Mikra Asia refugees, the tavern remained an integral part of the Hellenic life until today.

In the taverns of Athens the “kantada” flourished, the rebetiko was raised, the guerrillas were singing. In the tavern, the unleashed people from Mikra Asia, the refugees, the marginals and the friars found shelter, the anti-dictatorial conscience of the youth during the junta, the songs of Theodorakis were sung, the 1980s were taught to sing the rebetika. It is undoubtedly a part of Greek culture and has been depicted in most of the old Greek films of black and white cinema.

Nowadays, a wine-eating and dining venue, a meeting point and a discussion, the tavern is the simplest form of restaurant and the first choice of all ages in Greece for food.


The Evolution of the Greek Food Legacy
Based on Greek cuisine and the finest meat cooked on the grill, we promise you unique culinary delights in Mykonos.

Definition: A traditional Greek tavern in today.

Philosophy: Food is an act of love, a way of expression, a celebration, a journey ….

Seasonality: Fresh products in their best harvest season.

Locality: Small family businesses and small producers from all over Greece.

Tradition: It comes from our childhood when mother and grandmother cooked on Sundays for the whole family. When the food was celebrated …..

Inspiration: It comes from traditional recipes cooked with modern techniques.